4 Latest Coolest Technology COMING in 2018

4 Latest Coolest Technology COMING in 2018 Subscribe For More Videos:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC17Uwo5BkSTtGVbOkywJ7_Q.


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  1. ok items but i exs[ected better since we are in the year 2018, i am very disappointed in this, the only technology that has shocked me is…..sophia the robot, she is amazing but should be programmed not to exceed a certain amount of intelligence. other than that id rate these new gadgets in this video a 1.9/5

  2. It's called being lazy. Look at us we are just being lazy for buying so many useless tech that just turns us lazy. Come on guys lets be eco friendly and be active! What are you waiting for? Lets change.

  3. I can't wait for water selfies. You know, when you're swimming in the river, lake, sea, what have you and just 'have' to show the world what you're doing. Selfies scream 'Love me, please!'

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