Pompeo Confirms Hundreds Of Russians Killed In U.S. Attack In Syria | TIME

President Trump’s nominee to serve as Secretary of State confirmed Thursday that “a couple hundred Russians were killed” by U.S. forces in Syria earlier this year. Subscribe to TIME ▻▻…


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  1. Crusski I don't remember what I said about your dictator Putin really, but I noticed it must have upset you since you are suggesting nuclear war as if anyone would win. You do understand we would all die I hope. The idea though that anything that Russia does can destroy our economy is laughable though. At least we have an economy that's worth fighting for. Your economy is based on what government back oligarchs are willing to give you.

  2. Where is china now ! was saying he will attack deep into Syria on American forces if they attack on syria. You coward, wolf, big mouth. You always open your dirty mouth wrongly and wrong time. Where is Turkey, was saying same thing and where are you Moscow! You all are cowards. Shame on you for chemical attacks on children.

  3. Why is he smiling up there while saying we killed hundreds of Russians and they met their match like they wont retaliate… I wonder if he has any stake in military conflicts or any family members in the the armed forces… these assholes love playing with our lives. Let the Russians capture his ass so he can meet his match. He acts like this stuff is a video game.

  4. I swear if they allow this monster nomination to go through.Dems & Rep will find they will lose seats in coming elections.We need a 3rd party on this country! Since the parties seem to blur together anymore.

  5. I just want us to stop fucking with other countries in the name of "freedom" when we're really there for political gain and finances. Let's talk instead of blow shit up and focus on growing our economy without shitting on someone else's.

  6. It's funny people thing they mean Russian Army here is the facts.

    1. Hardly any Russians died, a few did die but they where mercs.

    2. Some ISIS hunters etc guys supported by Wagner died.

    3. Some tribal forces and some Syrians got killed. Around 50 people died in the strikes not hundreds has reported by groups on the ground, no evidence has ever been shown to support this number, just some guys in Washington saying it was "hundreds".

    Washington always has a nice track record of making shit up and out writing BSing. So if they want me to believe this magic hundreds only they are claiming then Imma consider it false. Reports from the ground tell the real story.

    BTW those guys got bombed for over THREE hours and only 50 died? when there was no Anti Air threating them they had free roam and only got 50 for that much time.

    The Airforce really needs to get better if thats the best they can do.

  7. Lol u haven't killed a single Russian civilean or soldier u killed 25 mercenaries wich happened to be of Russian origin and were not hired by Russia. Not the mention even the mercenarie organization wich they are from stated those 25 mercenaries acted on their own

  8. this pompeo is just another big headed ignorant looking uneducated idiot,what pompeo should know is this if he and his war hungry fools attack any russians in syria he will find as will any american soldier that for once they are up against the biggest fight they will ever endure because when russia turns on there missile defence systems every single american missile and warplane will be obliterated,hopefully now russia declairs a no fly zone all over syria anyone flying anywere in airspace hopefully will be obliterated and that is syrias legal right

  9. Oh, yeah. We believe the CIA. They are such honorable people. They told us that there was clear evidence of weapons of mass destruction and we, using this false information, killed 1 million Iraqi civilians and who knows how many American soldiers (they'll never give us the number). . Why wouldn't we believe this clunker when he tells uswhat mettle Americans are made of when they killed "hundreds of Russians". P.O.S . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaV101EM1QayFkP0E7zwXCg

  10. i love seeing all these youtube losers thinking they weren't Russians..Russians wanted to test the water & see how far they could push the American troops and they got a lil to close too the point a GunShip flew over there heads and blow them away..:)

  11. Any Russians that were killed in Syria died for a good cause. RIP. 😎🎉🇷🇺👍

    Now, what about the dumb American soldiers, thousands and thousands of them, that died or were maimed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria? Bwahahaha. They died for nothing, just dumb lies told by their own shithole country! 😂😂😂💩🇺🇸💩😂😂😂

  12. Deepstate demon.

    While the left is wallowing in the muck of the Russian conspiracy witch hunt and while Trump is yielding ground to these war mongers, the rest of the world is preparing for the fallout of war. I hope selling your soul to the globalists was worth it. Israel and the Saudis will be very please by your support as they burn Syria to the ground.

  13. This was certainly the first I heard of this. Surely if this is true the Russians already knew, but to publicly brag about it shows the complete incompetent bafoon this man really is. Somewhat like are President really. I can only hope that Putin is not as stupid, or else this could escalate into something we'll all regret. I respect the president and his cabinet, but putting our republic in this danger shows an incredible deriloction of duty. Our republic is so much better than this.

  14. The people of Syria want peace more than anything in the world. Dropping bombs on Syria will not bring their war-torn country any closer to peace. It will escalate and prolong the war, resulting in more senseless death, destruction, suffering, and refugees.

  15. More importantly, stay out of Syria. Get our troops out of Syria. Don't bomb Syria. It's not our fight.

    The rest of the Muslim world needs to fix Syria. Not us.

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  17. As an American… i don't think we should celebrate the deaths of these people (even if they were mercenaries). i don't see how its in the US interest to even talk about it really. They attacked us… we had to defend… a lot of them died. Nothing to celebrate :(.

  18. Wow. 5 sentences of an entire meeting.. I guess we should draw conclusions about what from that… It means so little to so many. Including me.

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