President Donald Trump’s Officials Issue Warnings After Syria Strike | NBC Nightly News

After the U.S. and its allies launched strikes on Syria, UN Ambassador Haley warned that the U.S. is prepared to respond again, while Vice President Pence said Russia is “on the wrong side…


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  1. There have been no investigations and conclusive evidence of violations of United Nations procedures. The United States, Britain and France attacked Syria. This is a concrete manifestation of terrorism and cruel national aggression.

  2. I voted for President Trump as an independent voter, but I will never vote for you again next cause I'm so disappointed in you by attacking Syria! War is not the answer – pls keep your campaign promises Mr President!!

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  4. So far in the Middle East, America has been on the wrong side of history and Iran was on the right side! America supported Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, created Al-Quaeda, ISIS, Wahhabi extremist groups, while Iran opposed and fought them from day one!

    Zionist America has always been on the wrong side of history when it comes to the Middle East, just so it can please its Zionist masters who have Israel’s colonial interests at heart and not the interests of the American people. I hope and wish for the great American people to take back their great nation from the grip of the evil warmongering Zionists!

  5. Need to freeze 100% of Putin's money. Only sanction that will work. 100% ban on any trade with Russia. No food, period. See how Putin likes that chevy after 6 months.

  6. I heard they had yellow cake and aluminum tubes, and running around throwing babies out of incubators. The only wmds are the ones coming out of there lying mouths. The American People I thought voted out the globalist. Who is running this country? Voting doesn't help its a waste of time.

  7. What idiots!!! Where is the proof we have been waiting for?? Couldn’t even wait for the facts before bombing, I guess when you can’t find facts, Bomb as fast as possible!

  8. Well, my understanding is all of this is about oil pipelines. It's so sad what is happening to the world. For all we know it was ISIS that did the chemical poisoning. You can't believe the government and./or Catholic Priests.

  9. This is all suppose to happen before the coming of Jesus!!! What many don’t understand, Russia is going to be Jesus army to help fight against the false prophet army( the beast). This is the beginning of sorrow but the end isn’t yet. Once the Pope began building the temple in Jerusalem that’s when the world is coming to an end. You don’t have to believe me but it’s true. #facts

  10. gas bombs are out but it's okay to use bullets and normal bombs why don't they just have a normal fist fight get it over with let's go back to have it's just a fist fight your best player and my best player let's have a fist fight

  11. Don't forget that on 3/17/18 Russia told us that the West was funneling chemical weapons to the rebels inside of Syria to use as a false flag to blame on the Syrian government. They also mentioned this would be used to justify airstrikes on Syrian targets. Not 3 weeks later that exact thing happened.

  12. Russia will make America bow again ! The uneducated cowboys will soon k ow that this planet ain't theirs! Stay in your racist white country any American who dare enter my Homeland Syria will be definitely killed by the Army of Assad or the Russian Military. The Americunts are not welcome in my country! If you don't want your husband or your father dead. Don't send him to war he will definitely die.

  13. Giant waste of money meanwhile our infrastructure is crumbling or schools are failing Healthcare System sucks Social Security is going broke and our debt increases more everyday

  14. stupid system, before posted fake news about chemical attack ..they should be check information..then start war ..stupid assols..trump stupid degenerat..want to start war..for what? for oil? it is not too much oil in livia and iraq? or what..

  15. If the military knew that there were illegal chemical weapons being produced in Syria and knew where they were, why didn't they destroy them before they killed all of this little kids?

  16. Trump: "What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women, and children?"
    Indeed, every human being with at least some moral values cannot and will not support the US interventions in the Middle East, that have killed millions of innocent people.
    Putin and Assad will be praised for centuries by the Syrian church, because these two have been saving Christianity in Syria from extinction by the islamist US proxies.
    Shame on you, USA! The US forces must go! Out of Syria and out of Iraq! Get out of Asia and Africa, you mass murderers!

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