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  1. I supported trump … now he joins the political war criminals obama, hillary, McCain McConnell, Bush cheney and so many others. We in america are tired of wars … our govt cannot get cred power because the cia runs the illegal wars in the past history. The sad thing is the politicians must be paid off how they promote them.

  2. Trump was send in this world as antichrist this end of the wold is near and is al ready here but we can se it only se it but gods war is biggest then trumps but he will gets his end soon

  3. I seen the videos about the chemical attacks . Would someone please answer they question, why do the first responders and medical personnel don’t get contaminated. If it was sarin they all should be dead .

  4. typical of American terrorist reporters .they use US gov narratives as the main line in their reporting. hard to imagine these scums are reporters , they more or less appear to be recruited from US prisons

  5. Violating!! International low, with no aprovel from UN, and without aproval of congres.
    Coalition demontrated arogance and desrespectfull to entired international comunity.

  6. We would like to ask USA same thing. Why killing innocent people on your own soil. Killing so many people 9/11 and then trying to blame others for your guilt. Stop getting in other peoples wars…

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