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  1. The people are lining up for rations provided by who? The Syrian government you know the government that just liberated them after 7 years yet our government wants you to believe the Syrian government gassed them. How stupid does it not only looks but sound.

  2. "an international criminal act…more farcical WMD stunts. Looking to subjugate Syria into a submissive client state by prolonging the war. Unfortunately, this time Russia is backing this country and cannot be pushed too far…even the 'deep state' billionaires will not be safe in their bunkers."

  3. I find it strange that the people living close to a chemical weapons storage facility (as reported here) were able to go to their windows, open them and observe the destruction without being gassed to death by the chemical weapons stored within.

  4. Assad brought up/forced some few hundred prisoners that were being tortured for the past years in his torturechambers to the streets and now claiming they are 'happy civilians' . Stupid evil monkey

  5. Well that's alright then. The place looks tip-top. Sorry are they defiant or nonchalant?

    About this factory that you know was producing chemical weapons… When did you get that intel? Did you just forget about it until earlier this week?

    Anyway. Fuck you BBC. I'm off to watch some credible news sources.

  6. BBC News: You did not understand things at all. People in the world do not think You are news organization. people think, You either go to other countries to spy or to create disorientation by broadcasting fake news. Your credibility is jest ZERO. Please do no play just games.

  7. The whole thing is theatre , the us , Assad, Russia , France, Israel, Britain are killing the Syrian people after they had already killed and displaced the Iraqis to pave the way for greater israhell project and the new world government , next is Egypt and that's when the tables are going to be turned against them , kill a Jew save a human life .

  8. You are so lucky that this missles didn`t hit any russian, because i really want to see how will French and American ships sink down. Hit missles by watching video on youtube, only in America. GGWP

  9. lmao even before the attack you can see how confident syrian pages were on this,,it did not hinder them one bit and they said they are not impressed or afraid of the super powers with any of there ships or subs coming to attack them ,here is one of them
    "Tonight, the Syrians are anticipating an act of aggression by the "supposedly" most powerful armies in the world.
    Although we as Syrians had shown the world that we do not care about threats, and that threats never work on us; but we also have men, family members, and brothers in arm on full alert, and ready to defend us to the ultimate extent of their capabilities.
    Tonight, we see the people almost all over the world, the people who can clearly see what is right from wrong and yet are quite while their governments are about to start a possible Nuclear war, a possible world war for false reasons.
    Mistaken who thinks the war in Syria started because of some civil rights, or because of fingernails of kids who no one even knows their names; but let us take a second to remember that these claims are getting closer by the hour to start a war that could possibly turn into a world war.
    However, the Syrians never accepted to live under anyone's control, and never will, even if the price is life itself; after all, it is better to live proudly as battle scarred battle hardened, than to live a comfortable life in shame.
    Men of the Syrian Arab Air Defenses, you have our utter trust and confidence that you will be the shield protecting Syria tonight and every night."
    Syrian Arab Army

  10. USA and West is again as many time a loser. Syrian army shut down mayority of USA missal70% with old defence system from 1970 soviet union. They targeted with minimum destructio . USA tottaly fail include West. What kind of victory bbc talk. Tell the people the truth! USA and west never vin in Syria cos of you must first defet Russia. That will be imposs. Othervise you destroy yourself

  11. A-Ssad guy. He's setting himself up to be another middle-eastern mad man. The last guy who killed people for no real reason actually lost his two insane sons and ultimately found himself in a dark suit on the gallows.

  12. and the idiots in the world think that Asad is a target or Russia,Idlib and Turkey is the target ,and the days will show you all,but remember when what i commented now come true ,remember that Islam is the only true believe and true religion

  13. Syria bonb with out any proof who is behind the gas attack , usa assumed and everybody bomb syria, i guess this country are.liable for thier actions against poor syrian people who suffered a lot already….Usa and its allies should be ashamed for thier actions.

  14. Hello everybody! Don't worry people, don't be afraid. Syria will not become "another Iraq, another Yugoslavia, another Libya, another Afghanistan". Why? Because there are Russians there. I hope Syrian people, finally, will be able to choose the way they want to go, to elect president they want, and do it all by themselves, without "bomb-democracy" from the West. Good luck everybody! From Moscow with love.

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