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  1. A lot of those check cashing / payday services are to avoid certain things like paycheck garnishes. Fines, Children, depts, and whatnot. There's a lot of money there with 10% of a check times millions. Recalling a bachelor the year decades ago being the guy who would give loans to those no one else would give loans to. 110M income for that year or some such for that one guy.

  2. I didnt see you since tech syndicate stuff hapenned, so yesterday i heard about this channel and opened a video. I totally thought that that guy sitting on your right was you, wendell, haha. Are you guys related or smthing?

  3. Engagement – I do have to say that I have used PayPal for nearly 10 years and have never had an issue. They have saved my bacon from dodgy sellers a couple times over the years. I am intrigued as to the issues you guys describe. It kind of scares me but it would be hard for me to ditch them considering I have never had an issue myself.

  4. Hey guys the suit was that he was using a counterfeit part in the apple phone but in truth he was using refurbished screens, since when you break an screen it's usually the first layer the touch capacitance screen that needs to be replaced so he sends them to china for repair of the touch screen not the lcd it self. So Apple was saying that he was using counterfeit parts in his repair when in truth it was a repaired part.

  5. Your money can stil "disappear" if using paypal. If they don't like your politics, there are plenty of examples of them locking down accounts, essentially freezing their assets in a way banks would only be able to do if served with a court order

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