🚨US Military Action in Syria Has Begun – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

The US, Britain, and France have begun coordinated military attacks on Syria to punish Syria and its President Bashar al-Assad for last week’s chemical weapons attack. President Trump announced…


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  1. Let's keep in mind. The intelligence reports came to us through France and the UK. It did not originate from US or Trump. Surprised by Teresa May and the UK, as they are usually hesitant to stand up to anything related to Muslims. To the anti Trumpers below. You can be sure you'd be griping if Trump held back and did nothing in response to a chemical attack against civilians.

  2. Can't see why anyone wants money off people to fund a free youtube channel.
    People buy some kind of camera, make their material, mostly with pocket money ongoing expenses and post it free on youtube. Continually asking for money is what hysteric Alex Jones was doing in his early days, cheapens the whole thing.
    Still, the show is quite informative and a decent level of effort can clearly seen to be put into these broadcasts, even with youtube consistently mucking him about, so well done for that.

  3. Some nevertrumpers and TDS triggered individuals know better than POTUS on the intel info that he has exclusive access. I bet these are same individuals who criticize Hussein Obama when he threatened Assad with his redline remark and did nothing. If you follow closely, Putin and his cohorts DENIED such chemical attack even happened. When he was confronted with facts, he quickly pointed fingers at the West as staged. He knows what's going on. He INVADED Crimea and attacked Georgia, and the West didn't confront him. Now he thinks he can do the same. He is proven wrong!

  4. Trump is playing the game. He is setting up the deepstate aka Israel into hurting innocent people. His EO would allow him to seize their assets. Trump and putin have a plan and it isnt ww3 that is Israel's plan. Have faith pray. Dont fall for the fear mongering. Israel wants trump.out of office. Turning you all against him is the plan!!! Keep the faith folks. You are so quick to walk away. Just likes he plays the media, he is now playing the deepstate!!!!!


  6. The US Govt. and Military are nothing but a bullet in a firearm with Israel pulling the trigger. The same can be said for most Western Govts. What is the point voting? They are clearly not serving the PEOPLE.

  7. There's a part of me that wishes Russia would drop a very large bomb on Washington DC so the American people can have a fresh start with their Govt. That would ACTUALLY drain the swamp and get rid of all hubris.

  8. You are partly to blame. Your fixation with this Deep State BS means the truth about the ideological motives are ignored. You know that the far-left is now hostile to Russia. You know that the West is largely controlled by the far-left who hate us just as much. And yet these events are supposedly just a result of greed.

  9. An ideological switch has taken place within Western civilization with Russia and other ex-Soviet nations regaining their Christian and conservative heritage. The far-left has control of the Western part and is attacking Russia because they are now a major ideological enemy just like us. The truth is being ignored because false dangerous narratives are being spread.

  10. The far-left is desperately trying to discredit Russia. The Western part of Western civilization has been taken over by Cultural Marxists who are idiotically being helped by conservative fools who still believe that Russia is a communist threat. You are partly to blame. You fixate on this Deep State BS which means the truth about the ideological motives are ignored.

  11. Now Trump really is a political person now….they have turned him against the American people. Just look at him on the runway at Florida GE election rally he was for America and one of the very few political people who actually liked Americans now not so much….

  12. What can Russia do about it? Nothing. They simply have no freaking chance against the Tomahawk and the United States Navy. So RT can whine and cry all they want at the end of the day The USA has both Military and economic edge against 2nd world starving Russia. GOD bless America.

  13. Pictures of downed US missiles after the previous attack were entirely fabricated, many of them actually being Russian missiles (provable with simple google picture search) IT is guaranteed that Russia's information warfare ops will repeat this.

  14. How do you deter something that has no definable perpetrator? If any schmuck can drop a chemical bomb every time the US says we are packing up and leaving, then clearly we have a serious problem with attribution and motive going on in the world over there. When we drop bombs in this kind of environment if something goes wrong or they could bomb themselves and blame it on US missiles,etc. Obviously we have to work with Russia behind the scenes to do something, otherwise it could spin out of control. Anytime you bomb a country they can then set off explosives and blow up a hospital or something else and blame it on US missile veering off course etc.

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