What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Tuesday 8/28/18: Today’s News Talk Show

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  1. Hope you guys have a lovely holiday and thanks for all you have done….could you please recommend someone to take your place in the mean time…just untill you get back. Thanks, mike, hope you don't lose too many loyal fans.

  2. I've decided to stop wasting my time with Mike Rivero here. Your over-use of the word 'on' has caused me to break out in a rash, the only way to get relief is to turn you off and unsubscribe–gotta get 'on' out of here! Listening to Lionel at Lionel Nation is time well spent.

  3. Keep your eyes on the " Burning Man " this weekend. Absolutely the best venue for an "event" aka false flag. 80-thousand pseudo-geek-hippies on designer drugs, gathered in close quarters in the middle of the desert with no structures or significant security to protect them. Detonate a few fire crackers…… they're done. There is 3 to 4 times the population massed that Las Vegas had.

  4. Mike, when you come back I will no longer be a listener. This was my last try at supporting you or searching for the nuggets in the midst of a whole lot of rambling. And these callers are maddeningly innane and interuptive and pointless. You look and sound more like 76 than 66 anyhow. Good time to retire and give the time slot to somebody who can actually help the cause. Rambo is your source?? I encourage anyone who still listens to this faltering program to try American Vagabond and Blackstone and the Duran and SGT and Dr. Steve Turley while Mike is on his "well-deserved" holiday. (It should pain us that he has to work for a living, after all – that he should need to prep for his program or search for website items)

  5. McCain was a piece of trash..even in death he is garbage…SONGBIRD murdered thousands of Americans…but then again US people care not who they murder .. including their own… Super garbage terrorist regime country…. Do not challenge me on this ..I have the facts.

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