Maduro raises the stakes, closing Venezuelan offices in the US

President Nicolas Maduro has decided to close Venezuela’s embassy and all its consulates in the United States after the Trump administration recognized the …


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  1. Let the Venezuelans decide by themselves the future of their country, including who their leader should be, who they want to deal with and whether they still want to remain a socialist country or not. That's their right. It's not up to the US to decide. Remember, Venezuela is not the 51st US state.
    The US shouldn't be inciting an illegal coup d'état that could potentially plunge Venezuela into civil war and create instability for years to come. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are a few examples.
    The US doesn't actually care about the Venezuelan people or their freedom. It's only using them as pawns to achieve its objectives.The US only cares about controlling Venezuela's oil and installing a puppet president who will do their bidding, unlike Maduro who has refused to be a US puppet.
    After all, the US has watched the average Venezuelan citizen go hungry for months and it has done little to help them with significant food supplies.
    The economic embargo has not affected Maduro personally that much. He still gets his three meals a day.
    Russia may only care about its own interests too and not the Venezuelan people either, but if the government of Venezuela chooses to invite and deal with the Russians, that's its right.After all, the US supports more dictators and puppets who steal, oppress and kill their people in the Middle East than Russia does.

    The Venezuelan Supreme Court, the overwhelming majority of the Venezuelan Army and the Venezuelan Electoral Council all have renewed their support for Maduro as the only legitimate president.
    Not to mention a significant and die-hard part of the population that supports Maduro but that no one wants to show on TV. The parliament opposes Maduro.
    The legitimacy of those institutions can be questioned but the solution is not to create a chaotic situation where every time an opposition leader wants to launch a coup d'état, all they need to do is show up on tv with their supporters, declare themselves the new president and totally ignore all existing institutions including the supreme court.

    If this is accepted, it will lead to an endless cycle of coup d'états between the government and the opposition at any given time.
    It would make no sense to say it's good for the current opposition to launch a coup d'état, but it isn't for the current government to do when it becomes the opposition and wins the parliament.

  2. Since when Venezuela became a US colony?

    Can’t dictate a sovereign country? Venezuela is a sovereign country, a country that has to deal with their own social problems like any other country. Zootopia people that don’t want to work on their farmland especially the ones that immigrate from Colombia to Venezuela are the ones demanding western countries a Zootopia Venezuela. " America stay away from Venezuela". Leave Venezuela alone. The whole world knows your good intention to destroy that country by injecting caos.

  3. Those in the military and the junior officers have families deeply affected by the crisis will turn tje tide of the military, top brass usually enjoys privileges from the maduro to keep him in power

  4. OYE putica! Te quedan solo horas con el difraz de generalote en jefe. Te tratastes de robar miles de millones en oro de los bancos de UK y te jodieron por mariconson!
    Cuba sera condenada como pais que esconde terroristas y el mundo civilizado te esta condenando. Te van a clavar por culo sin vaselina!

  5. Trump is actively reducing the demand for foreign oil in the USA by increasing production.  Something Democrats are against.  To say he is doing it for oil, does not make any sense.  CNN is just FAKE NEWS.

  6. Trump has been increasing oil production internally, to reduce oil dependency from other countries. The Democrats have been the ones against it, citing environmental crap. The brainwashed Democrats have been saying that all we want is other countries oil, since even before the Iraq war. "No blood for oil". Remember that leftist, stupid slogan?

  7. Il y a beaucoup de manipulation dans les médias étrangers contre le
    gouvernement VE. Recherchez les chaînes TV vénézuéliennes comme
    GLOBOVISION (opposition), VENEZOLANA TV ou la Euronews de Caracas
    TELESUR…. les grands mensonges du scenario de la Syrie, l'Iran, vous
    connaissez… les partis de droite et d'extrême-droite ont boycotté les
    élections, ils n'ont pas à se plaindre si Maduro a obtenu 6 millions de
    votes des Vénézuéliens. Si l'UE et les E.Unis suppriment les sanctions
    alimentaires, financières et de médicaments, la situation pourrait être
    bien mieux… les sanctions affament le peuple, comme en Iraq de Saddam
    ou en Iran….

  8. Em minha opinião é deixar Maduro no poder até 2020, quando uma mulher Democrata ganhar President, pois se os Republicanos e Trump, por a mão na Venezuela, os jogadores People Devil terá dado um grande prejuízo para Europa e os times Europeus, em suas camisas de todos times Europeus está escrito Árabes, ou seja o melhor e mais inteligente é pagar meu INSS, pois o prejuízo vai ser dos Árabes, Xi, Putin, e todos Europeus e Democratas… Eu sei o porquê… Se abre o colapso de todos, se Trump por a mão na maior Reserva de Petróleo… Jogadores People Devil is Prejuízo…🌏🌏🌏📺📺📺

  9. Let's remember what happened after the US went to Libya, took all the resources and now is a broken state! DO NOT let the US go to Venezuela. Stop going around the world stealing resources and focus on your mass shootings and the 8 hundred thousand workers that's don't have a job at the moment.

  10. USA expelled Russian diplomats, Russians leave. Venezuela expels US diplomats, they dont want to leave? Is Washington worlds capital to dictate other countries who is their president? No, USA get out of Venezuela!

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