'The Bachelor': Ashley I, Jared Haibon, Jade & Tanner Tolbert Weigh In On Cassie's Shocking Exit!

On this episode of “The Bachelor: The Morning After,” Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon, Jade Roper Tolbert and Tanner Tolbert weigh in on the recent episode of …


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  1. The moment Cassie had to talk for longer than 15 seconds on the show is when I knew we got robbed. Watching her attempt to pass her not being a virgin as a personal hardship that shaped her was rough to watch. The show definitely pitched her as a kind girl next door with an admirable job with kids, but reality is she’s still one herself.

  2. How can you guys in this bachelor world say such awful stuff. Even saying if they end up together that you don't want them to be. You had people saying the same stuff about you Ashley..and how you should not be with Jared. I don't get it. So double standards!

  3. Ashley just does not accept Cassie is into Colton. I don't get why she is so against her? Even the voice she uses to imitate her. I was such a fan of Ashley until watching her bash Cassie over and over. She doesn't have to leave her experience if she is wanting to be with him but not engaged. I think you are all putting your own issues into your judhements on her and demonizing her. Not cool.

  4. Yep! This has never happened before! No sex in the Fantasy Suit and getting turned down before the proposal even comes up!? All this drama for the same guy!? I feel bad for Colton! Cassie might change her mind once she's away from the cameras and daddy's influence but she has to come to that decision on her own. She also need some alone time to sort things out about her feelings for him and maybe then she'll realize she gave up on a good guy… We'll see…

  5. Interesting that you all see Hannah B as so authentic. To me she seemed like one of the least authentic women on this season even from her interview on the first episode. I'd love to see Elise as the next bachelorette. She seems gorgeous, sweet, and definitely mature enough. I also like Kirpa but I know a lot of people didn't.

  6. I’m so bothered by all the “23 is too young to get married” comments. A 23 year old has been an adult for 5 years. Stop trying to make childhood last until 30 people. It’s weird.
    If you matured slowly and didn’t feel like an adult until your late 20’s or 30’s good for you. But plenty of 20 year olds are actual adults. I got married at 19. That was 21 years ago. I have a 19 year old daughter who has been expected to be an adult since she was 18. When she’s 23 I certainly hope she’s a mature adult and I feel like she has the ability to have a mature relationship.
    While accepting that some people need more time to mature we should also respect that plenty of people mature as a young adult.

  7. I don’t get why people like Hannah B. My husband and I didn’t like her from the start from the way she was bashing Caelynn to Colton. Caelynn ended up being the bigger person to bury the hatchet. Hannah B just seemed conniving and full of immature pageant drama. I REALLY hope they do not choose her for Bachelorette. Ugh

  8. Hannah b is just too emotionally unstable, and caelynn is just fake. No worthy girls for the next bachelorette. Bring a girl from a different season! Maybe mix it up and have someone with a little ethnicity

  9. I thought she said she wanted him to have what he was there for in the beginning (an engagement), so even though he said he would wait for her, she may have felt bad???

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