'The Bachelor': Ashley I. Says ‘It’s So Sad’ Colton Is The Most Dumped ‘Bachelor’ Ever! | Access

“Bachelor” expert Ashley Iaconetti drops in on Access Live to dish about Colton Underwood being the most-dumped “Bachelor” in the history of the show. Plus …


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  1. A lot of us called that he wasn’t getting engaged from the beginning and he knew Cassie wasn’t into him. He took the risk even after he knew everything so I can quite feel bad for him it was very predictable.

  2. I love Colton but damn how can the production company not get it. He is not ready. We know Jason would have been a way better pick. But Jason is in a good place and I think Blake is boring. I am old and live these love stories vicariously, pathetic I know! Get this over. Becca’s season was so awesome! 😢

  3. i feel bad for Colton because Cassie literally hasn’t been into him….I have never understood how there’s so much chemistry between them. They’re boring and it’s obvious she’s “just not that into him”…she’s been there for the show. If she truly is into him she is not good at showing it at all.

  4. Again, Colton saw the the red flags from Cassie and her family but chose to ignore the signs. I get loving a woman when she does not feel the same way. It hurts but you can't make someone love you man. He gambled in rolling the dice and lost. Colton now know how Tia felt. In conclusion, this dude needs to get off the camera like now and find love naturally. Staying out there continuing to make his issues public will only make it worst for him finding true love. Many woman will begin to see him as damaged goods.

  5. Worst….Bachelor……..episode……….ever. I'm a fan (overall) but holy crap, the only person I was rooting for during this episode was for my will power to turn my TV off. Colton reading the ABC script the entire episode and "what's her name" pretending that she is soooooooooooo conflicted. Give me a break. I kept thinking "who the hell would think this bad acting was entertaining or remotely not fake?". Heck, even Juan Pablo kept it real even if it was a bit distasteful.

  6. I personally loved how honest Cassie was – some girls just do it for the show and she was like I'm not ready, I don't know if I can get there and I need to leave. Like it's very easy to get wrapped up in the show experience and say I love you but she was very honest (even if it was pretty late), props to you girl.

  7. Colton focused on being genuine at every step of his journey, but paid too little attention to the authenticity of the ladies with whom he engaged. A little more maturity may have helped him pay better attention to the warnings he received, remember that his partner needed to share his state of mind for the relationship to work, and avoid crashing the way he did.

  8. Why do so many people just pretend they don’t read spoilers and are “guessing”? Even Kimmel does that every season. Like we don’t know where you are getting your spoilers. I can’t imagine anyone not in Showbiz watching this show not knowing about Reality Steve, let alone the people who work in this field.

  9. I blame Colton I know he was following but he kept sending women home that loved him and keeping a girl that wasn't. I love him but come on dude! I'm in shock still I thought he wanted to be with Hannah G.

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