US Government Tracking And Detaining Journalists

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  1. The sick and disgusting far right stupremacist mobsters seems like they are organizing and doing everything they can to secretly paint a six pointed star on every left leaning activist and journalist. Right wing mobsters like trumpians who illegally and arbitrarily put anynoe they dont like in an inhumane list needs to be barred from working for ICE or any govt position. trump in jail 2020

  2. let me ask a question? when the 45th announced his candidacy, from start to present all eyes, main stream media included, are on him, so when was the last time you seen news about the war in Afghanistan, how our troops are doing, or any other major network airing relevant news, how about the press core to keep the white house in check, how ever there are networks that are making a great effort to bring us substitutive content, but we'er so lazy because we have to look for it on youtube or other outlets, stands to reason its no longer we the people, we once saw this counties journalist in harms way, our everyday news from our local stations are the closest we get in real time, due to the practice of division, there is nothing random going on in this country the elite hands aren't on, which if you can't connect the dots then your looking to deep. you can't believe knowing this countries history and I'm not talking about slavery, which is part of the total sum, the sore is still running of pus, I'm speaking of big money, banks, since the 1800s, people like Andrew Carnegie ,JP Morgan, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, to name a few, who were all ruthless men who have taught there sons to do the same, to keep the power , ah🤔 but were philanthropist to seem refined and distinguish, for me, not knowing the past hurts, I can't say i will never feel the physical pain of the passed in the present climate, my point is this s#@t has been going on since the take over of this continent from the natives, now how ruthless is that, the new american anthem divide and conquer, it has always been this way when you hire politicians to do the biding of we the people, (a person who acts in a devious and manipulative way, typically to gain advancement within an organization /country) is the definition of a politician, businessman in kind, so as always there are not enough like minded people to make a real difference, unless your two colors are white and green and born into evil,

  3. Democrats are trying to cause a border crisis government steps in. They should be all arrested and put in prison forever. I know liberals think welfare is free but it's really not eventually the whole system will collapse

  4. It's legal for a police officer (CBP in this case) to search your phone during an investigation unless you have a password to unlock the screen or phone. Make sure your phone has a screen lock and OS lock. Also use signal encrypted messaging to text or call. The government can't intercept your texts and phone calls or see who you're calling or texting. Signal has no stored metadata or records to search under a national security letter or warrant.

  5. If these people support illegal immigration then investigating them isn’t that crazy. I thought we were supposed to protect our country against all enemies foreign and domestic and if you’re an American citizens who actively supports and helps people illegally get into our country then you are a domestic enemy. Now let TYT supporters bring on the hate and change the subject to some crime that trump has supposedly committed

  6. How is anyone surprised when Nazis and white supremacists have infiltrated all levels of law enforcement and the military. It's only going to get worse because limp-dick libtards and progressive pussies think the right can be reasoned with and that fascism hasn't already taken over thanks to republicans. There aren't enough of us to save you pathetic pussies so you had better get used to licking the boots of red hats in the very near future.

  7. So the executive branch refused to allow American citizens to leave America?
    If it were due to a court order, like an arrest warrant, then sure, that happens, but that's the judicial branch. When the executive branch does it, that reminds me of places like modern day North Korea or East Berlin during the cold war.

  8. I was on a watch list for several years for protesting the Iraq War and being on the Quaker Peace Movement mailing list. I was not an organizer, I merely attended a few protests and stated my positions on Facebook. That was enough to be monitored by the government and make flying miserable as I got heightened screening.

    Think about anything you do publicly especially on social media. The bar is not high to come under government surveillance especially with republican administrations.

  9. The Young Turks support regular Americans having the rights to buy a firearm taken away if they're on the secret governmental terrorist watch list. Interesting how they don't support the rights of All American citizens!!! The Young Turks support one list but I guess not another?

  10. There's a thing called the terrorist watch list that millions of Americans are on right now! No one really knows how they got onto the watch list and one really knows how to get off of it! But The Young Turks support taking away a normal Americans rights to buy a firearm if they're on this secret government list.

  11. I wonder how many of the Trump supporters who ardently declare asylum seekers as illegal immigrants, and so clearly care about law and order, are willing to also call out Trump's blatant violation of the law?

  12. International tourism is taking huge hit. Why would anyone want to visit a country full of bloated, self-righteous, imbecilic, under educated and unenlightened trash?

  13. Ever since the "War on Terror," government authorities have been doing whatever they want in the name of national security, rights be damned. And if you dare fight back, you end up like Edward Snowden.

  14. This is some Nazi Germany shit! Fuhrer Trump. A True American lets EVERYONE speak. Regardless of what they are saying. If you are a Troll on this channel that says it's okay because they are liberal reporters… then DAMN you are dumb, and should have paid better attention in History class.

  15. This is the beginning of the end of the free press, free media and free speech! If trumpelstilzchen wins in 2020 he will change the constitution so he will announce to be king/dictator forever and will murder all oposition. The USA people have to stand up!

  16. I'd grab that bun with both hands… it's like an 8 way adjustable arcade joystick!! Man, she's a bitch her sidekick seens bored with life… what some people do for money, so sad

  17. "Do you own your home?" Well, that's easy to understand. If the journalist owns their own home the government can then gin up some false charges that will justify the brown shirts, I mean border agents, to confiscate that house.

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