Earl Thomas deal shows that Ravens are bracing for the Browns

The Baltimore Ravens adding safety Earl Thomas in free agency shows that this squad isn’t rebuilding. Can they challenge the Browns in the AFC North?


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  1. They can try and compete but the browns should have the AFC locked down. Their offense is lit with the best receiving and running back Core fr. QB locked down. TE’s locked down with the Demetrius Harris signing. The underrated good offensive line they got. And their defensive front is set now with the Oliver Vernon and Sheldon Richardson signings. The Ravens are still rebuilding from what I’m seeing and Lamar Jackson has more to prove with his accuracy and timing and pocket presence, the Bengals are trash now, and the Steelers better hope juju can fill AB’s shoes and Connor to fill Leveon Bell’s shoes and a replacement for Big Ben at some point or they’re in trouble too.

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