Best Political Debate Moments

The internet can make one flaw or misstatement from a candidate last forever, like some of these moments from past debate showdowns. source Read more »

GOP mutiny? Trump’s possible 2020 challengers

President Trump started his 2020 re-election campaign the day of his inauguration. But a challenge from with the GOP may throw a wrench in Trump’s 2020 … source Read more »

Jay Leno responds to President Trump's tweet

President Trump cited Jay Leno in a tweet calling out late night television comedians for political bias. Leno responds. source Read more »

Kavi Yudh: Special poetic war between poets on political issues of 2019

This segment of Zee News brings to you special poetic war between poets. Watch this video to know more. About Channel: Zee News is a Hindi news channel …... Read more »

Women in politics

Six out of 24 Philippine senators are women. For International Women’s month, ABS-CBN’s Data Analytics team highlighted women in politics. Subscribe to the … source Read more »

The Great Odisha Political Circus Ep 498 | 10 Mar 2018 | Stand Up Comedy Show

A stand up comedy show that uses satire to address political issues. Contestants present their talent through ticking the ribs of the audience by using scenarios … source Read more »

Political Tension Heightens In Imo Ahead Of Saturday's Election

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US Government Tracking And Detaining Journalists

This clip is brought to you by our friends at Aspiration. You don’t need to wait another two years to make an impact; you can make a difference with... Read more »

The Rise of the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte | NowThis World

Populist, Protector, Punisher, and Problematic. » Subscribe to NowThis World: » Watch the Previous Episode: … source Read more »

Is there no political middle remaining in America? | The Investigators with Diana Swain

It seems like Americans are more polarized than ever. But are there really no moderates left? Diana asks Ken Stern author of ‘Republican Like Me: How I Left the... Read more »